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“When I listen to the music Ramesha plays and hear the devotion in his beautiful voice, my spirit is uplifted. 🙏🏼”

Spiritual seeker, guitarist, violinist, and singer of devotional and uplifting music.

Joy, sincerity, beauty, and passion are the main qualities fans find in Ramesha's music. This is music that nurtures your soul, calms your mind, and softens your heart.

He realizes that what matters most is not how well he plays or sings, but rather how open he is as a channel for blessings to flow through the music and touch people’s hearts.

Ramesha is also in demand as a vocal instructor; in addition to in-person lessons, he teaches online to students throughout the world.

"I listened to the album and I love it! You go deep into the chants and channel grace throughout the album. I think you did an awesome job!" --A.M. Tahoe, CA

"Thank you for all the beauty you bring to the world" -- H.B., Portland OR

"We’ve been enjoying your 'Thou Art My Life' CD. Thanks for the beautiful music!" -- M.B., Portland OR

"Ramesha' music gave me tremendous solace and upliftment in my darkest times. His soulful and soul nurturing singing is pure like sunlight shining through heavy fog and I can't thank you enough Ramesha' for your gift of singing. Shine on!" -- Chhitra S.

"Ramesha is an incredibly talented singer and musician. He is extremely generous with his knowledge and consistently looks for new and innovative ways to share with others. He is also a deep soul, and everything he does is blessed by his commitment to the highest path in all things." -- Mary D.

"Authentic soul with a lovely voice. Shares uplifting chants and wise words. 🙏🏻💚" -- A. G. S.

"I really enjoy Ramesha's chanting, you can feel his soul connection, his love shines through in a way, that brings a warm smile." -- Michael P. S.

"An amazing musician that touches the heart. Sharing his gift with people all over the world. Truly inspirational." -- Simon B.

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